Editing & Publishing

Red Adept Publishing

I joined Red Adept Publishing in 2017 as an Acquisitions Editor.

Red Adept Publishing is an independent publisher of genre fiction. Since their first release in 2012, they have published over 100 novels, including 4 national bestsellers (NYT and USA Today). I’m extremely proud to be a part of a team that provides a home for new and established authors.

Dashing Nerds

dashing nerds logo
DashingNerds.com is a collaborative nerd news and game review website I co-founded in 2014. Our focus is to bring quality content to the online nerd community through written articles, videos, podcasts, and more!

As an editor, my goal is to support my writers by not only proofing their articles but also providing them the feedback they will need to enhance their written craft. Part of this process means communicating remotely and meeting in person with different writers to develop those skills.

Based out of the Metro Detroit area, I also travel to local comic events and Japanese anime conventions throughout the Midwest on behalf of Dashing Nerds to provide press coverage for our audience.

If anime and video games are your brand of nerdom, I’d like to invite you to view my articles at the link below:


Alternatively, if my website management work is what interests you, please feel free to view more of my online experience here. I’m happy to connect on either coding or nerd culture.

The Red Cedar Log

This publication is the official yearbook of MSU. The award-winning publication is produced and distributed solely by a staff of 26 students–students with passions rooted in writing, editing, design, photography, and business.

During my time at MSU, I had the privilege of joining the ranks of the Red Cedar Log’s staff writers. In my final year, I was promoted to the role of Content Editor, where I cut my chops on copy and content editing. Most importantly, it was at RCL that I renewed my passion for storytelling and discovered a love for encouraging other writers to grow in their craft.